The One With Giant Mechanical Spiders In

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The One With Giant Mechanical Spiders In is a story written by Ii Ai and Roumonte Emi and illustrated by neomeruru. It ran in Issue 34 at, and is mirrored at


From "Gay steampunk Wodehouse pastiche, quite long."

Author's Notes[edit]


Co-written with a Mysterious Co-Author Of Mystery for SSB*B's first no-length-limit issue! (Everything that is good about this story is down to her.)

Warnings: first of all, it's quite long; second of all, it's very densely, stylistically written; third of all, there's porn buried in there somewhere; fourth of all, it's porn which is silly, not titillating

Originally this story was meant to go in the steampunk issue of SSB*B. I went screaming to my co-author all 'Wodehouse steampunk porn, we can write this, it will be AWESOME' and after patting me on the head she responded with three pages of story so wonderful that it put my efforts to shame. However, Rupert soon proved himself to be entirely irrepressible, the story's size ballooned, and in the end it went into the December issue instead. I am not sorry at all.

Artist's Notes[edit]