The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell

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The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell is a story written by shukyou. It ran in Special Issue 5 and can be found at and


Two young women take a road trip across the eastern half of I-10.

Reagan Henry's the kind of girl who doesn't like the word 'no'. So I agree to drive her to Florida and back.

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Author's Notes[edit]

This story takes a large part of its initial inspiration from Sherman Alexie's This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona, though the end product is obviously quite different (and nearly seven times longer). Apologies made for absurd claims about coroners in Florida. Science, however, confirms that Graceland can be listened to on repeat a theoretically infinite number of times.

(from the story page)

Ugh, nobody likes it when writers write about writing. So of course, I wrote a story about writing — or at least about how we narrate our own lives to make sense of them, even when they’re not as neat as fiction. I think (hope?) having a good narrator keeps it from being too insufferable. It’s probably objectively the best thing I’ve ever written for SSBB, but it’s an F/F story instead of an M/M story, so it gets a fraction of the recognition it would otherwise. It’s intensely personal, for all Dinah and I are completely unalike; the story starts and finishes in my hometown, and on the way it drives over some roads I know very well. And of course, Graceland is objectively the perfect road trip album, and I will hear nothing to the contrary.


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