The Kissing Booth

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The Kissing Booth is a story written by N. Kaouthia and illustrated by fightfair. It ran in Issue 13 at, and is mirrored at


From "Luther Salvador is forced to work at a kissing booth for a stupid charity to help stupid orphans instead of watching Superman II. In the process meets Clark-the-Person (not to be confused with Clark-the-fish) who is a fag, which Luther is not (nobody counts that one semi-monogomous fuckfest he had with a guy on cross country) who totally isn't Luther's boyfriend-to-be."

From "Luther is forced to man the kissing booth, but he is not gay, despite having had gay sex...a few times...and only enjoying the kiss Clark gives him. Oh, and also, he will drown Clark-the-fish."

From "Luther Salvador is dead sexy. Also. He isnt gay. Nevermind that he slept with a guy. more than once. now if only clark could understand."

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