The Happy Knot You Tie

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The Happy Knot You Tie is a story written by Susan Owa. It ran in Issue 61 at, and is mirrored at


Aaron "Wex" Wechsler is finally back together with his first (and only) boyfriend, Johnny, after more than twenty years apart. Now they just have to survive his sister's wedding (and his mother).


'The Happy Knot You Tie' was originally conceived as a sequel to another story about Wex and Johnny, set during their teenage years, called 'Our Last Summer'. However, it ended up being completed first.

'Our Last Summer' began life as thinly veiled GOB Bluth/Tony Wonder 'Arrested Development' fanfiction. While the characters of Wex and Johnny have developed since then, this influence can still be seen.

The author also took inspiration from 'Transparent', particularly the episode 'Kina Hora'.

The title is from a 1620 play 'The Heir' by Thomas May, an early usage of the idiom "to tie the knot".