The Crossroads and the Gate

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The Crossroads and the Gate is a story written by Imogen Calhoun and illustrated by W. Stanaforth Donahue. It ran in Issue 46 at, and is mirrored at


From the author: "It is a romcom about having your life comprehensively ruined for the second time. Contains: sword and sorcery, lots of implausible injuries, dueling gods, and significant chess."

From "A soldier saves the life of a godless wizard; as they travel, the mercenary refuses to talk to the wizard, due to fear of religious contamination, but that's okay, the wizard talks enough for both of them."

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External Reviews[edit]

  • "A talkative wizard's life is saved by a mercenary who refuses to speak to him. Although the conversation is one-sided for over half the story, I loved the sense of their relationship slowly growing. The worldbuilding is great - lots of neat details to this world where gods walk the earth."
    Venadan encounters an injured man, Arruen, and saves him: so much for his good deed, as the man is godless. But as *his* goddess has ordered him to help Arruen -- he hears and obeys. But there's more to Arruen than meets the eye, and Venadan's about to find out.

    I consider this one a better find. I like Venadan and Arruen. Plus the world they live in is particularly interesting -- it reminds me of Gen's world (Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief) and I would actually like to read more about it. That said though, it would be way, way better if the author fleshed this world out more, as well as the characters, and also making things a bit more ... well not so "we've met, let's fuck". I would be all over that. Recommending this one if you can look at its potenshul.