The Conquests of Dr. Victor Alazon

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The Conquests of Dr. Victor Alazon is a story written by Kikuchi Makoto. It ran in Issue 33 at, and is mirrored at


From "Meet Dr. Alazon (Technician of the Shadowed Corpse, rightful resident mad scientist of Egova) who comes from a long line of evil genusies but is actually better at cookery. And his very super talented new assistant with secret plans of his own - Colin."

From "A mad scientist is surprised by a strangely competent laboratory assistant. Also there is baking."

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The Conquests of Dr. Victor Alazon has been featured on Goodreads as a weekly group read.

External Reviews[edit]

    This story just genuinely made me happy. I love Victor's narrative voice more than I can ever say; I lost count of how many times it made me laugh -- one of my favorite bits was his reasoning when it came to Orbiter-5's demise suicide. And Eiron is wonderful too, I love how apt he proved at manipulating Victor (though, as far as manipulations go, these were very sweet).

    I'd like to read a million sequels where Victor makes tons of delicious food, only pausing to cackle madly at "their" latest creation and to make love with Eiron. Thanks in advance! ;D ...But seriously, joking aside, thank you for a wonderfully perfect story! I truly loved it, and will be re-reading it many times ♡