The City of a Thousand Days

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The City of a Thousand Days is a story written by Ogiwara Saki and illustrated by beili. It ran in Issue 39 at, and is mirrored at


A djinn-bound exile returns home to Baghdad with a mind to reclaim his old status, and rekindles old romances, friendships, and enmities in the process.

From "set in a near-canon AU of Abbasid Baghdad where there are djinn-bound people and political maneuverings and what happens when the old caliph dies and banished Zamir gets to come home! (it is super cool!)"

From "A sorcerer in love with a prince in medieval Baghdad; includes djinns, plotting, deflowering and illicit relationships."

From "Exiled for treason seven years ago, Zamir, dijinni-bound sorcerer and old childhood friend to the royal family, is returning home to Baghdad after the old Caliph died."

Zamir looked up at the piercing sky and the unforgiving sun. What he felt when he saw the familiar green tiles of the Qubbat al-Khadra, the Dome of Heaven, he kept to himself, except that it was a hot surge inside his body, a sorrow mixed in with fury. He gazed at the weathervane atop the Dome of Heaven, the horseman who revolved with the winds, signalling the fortunes of the Caliph.

He heard Bahija chuckle inside his head, and he could feel her move like a smoky presence through his veins. Look, they have come into the courtyard to greet you, she said darkly. All your old friends.

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