The Antidote We Make Together

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The Antidote We Make Together is a story written by Iseya Misu. It ran in Issue 59 at, and is mirrored at

External Reviews[edit]

  • "about a nobleman down on his luck who is a bit of a Charlie's Angel: He goes in, fixes problems, and does a bit of spying, too. The problem he has to fix for this job is a nobleman under the influence of sex pollen. I am a Batman fangirl, so sex pollen already works for me. But beyond my kink being done well, this story just had a lot going for it. It had great pacing, just the right amount of detail, and characters so perfectly explained that it all just made sense. The main character had a wonderful, strong, and enjoyable voice. Oh, and it was pretty darn sexy, too. This story is my favorite from this issue, totally a shiny jewel. Literally cannot believe this was the first story from this author and here are fingers crossed that we get more!"
  • " A certain young lordling secretly takes on a job as a servant-for-hire, providing any and all services required by the people he serves. Which makes him sound like a whore, and he’s not, I don’t mean that. It was…on the absurd/improbable side, if you think about it too hard, but it’s very sweet if you don’t."