Terra Incognita

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Terra Incognita is a story written by Iron Eater. It ran in Issue 52 at http://s2b2.livejournal.com/295827.html, and is mirrored at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/terra-incognita/.


It's harvest time in the stronghold of Naar Rhoan, but not everyone is feeling the seasonal cheer: things are tense between Sarouth and Riaag, and one of their allies has made a concerning discovery.

So Sarouth had led and Riaag had followed, and then Sarouth had beheld a vision that sent them down into the lowlands to start dicking around with agriculture, and somehow that had worked out. People had come to hear about his new way. People had stayed to work the fields or tend the herds or watch over the previous two groups. Naar Rhoan had started appearing on trade routes. After entirely too many years of not saying anything Riaag had even confessed his love to Sarouth, which had more or less gone the same way as his witnessing had, which was to say Sarouth had stubbornly refused it for some reason before everything clicked into place. It was everything Riaag had prayed for back when he was still a small, scared child eating garbage to survive.

And then, of course, things had gotten all fucked up.
S2b2warning.png Content Warning: Violence, Gore, Abuse, Body Horror, Animal Harm

The author wishes to note that this story contains some sensitive material, particularly the presence of post-traumatic stress episodes; childhood abuse--physical, sexual, and emotional--and its repercussions (discussed and touched upon in flashbacks but not explicitly shown); depictions of extremely graphic violence, injury, gore, and death; explicit supernatural body horror; graphic animal harm; a religious ritual involving blood and self-mutilation; creative treatment of dead bodies; and carrion as a socially-accepted meal.

This story contains no human characters.

From fairyninjas.wordpress.com: "In FIVE parts. We revisit the land of Naar Rhoan, and Riaag Bough-Breaker and Sarouth White-Hair who live there. The land where orcs are trying to civilize themselves, learning to eat bread, and in this tale, fighting the ghosts of both the past and the present."


This story is the third story in the Rhoanish Works series. While the author recommends reading the stories in order of publication (in no small part due to increased writing ability and familiarity with the characters), it has been intentionally written so new readers won't feel too left in the cold.

The setting itself is very loosely based on the freeware game Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup.

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Author's Notes[edit]

This is the longest standalone work I've created to this date, and I owe a great deal to my friend and beta-reader for not only helping me figure out what I even wanted to cover with this particular story but also reading through four(!) different versions of the manuscript, at least half of which stopped mid-section when I shared the Google Doc. I am also grateful to the editing team for not immediately bouncing this brick of a story and placing a block on my IP.

While some animals present in the story are extinct in the modern day, and moly flowers are of debatable nature (I intentionally interpreted them as something other than members of the Galanthus genus), just about everything else is sourced from actual flora and fauna from a specific part of the world. The saber-tooth mentioned is meant to be a type of Eusmilus.

The term "Faaroug" is intentionally not italicized here despite being so in previous stories. Aside from being defined frequently, no other word in the Rhoanish language is given the same treatment, and fewer italics make things a little bit easier to read.

Certain parts of this story are of an extremely sensitive nature, as mentioned in the content warning, to the extent that I had a sex-educator friend review them for accuracy. The work as a whole focuses on the recovery angle of an abuse narrative but may still be difficult for some readers in places; please take care of yourselves and ask a friend to read first if you suspect this may be a problem for you!

External Reviews[edit]

  • http://frogs-of-war.livejournal.com/149126.html: "Another story of Riaag and Sarouth: an Orc and his Orc priest. This is story three, but there's enough back story written in to start here if you wanted. This one is five parts long, so give yourself time to finish. Then go read the other two. They're worth it."