Table Manners

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Table Manners is a story written by Dr. Noh. It ran in Issue 23 at, and is mirrored at


From "set in a fantasy world, with great world-building for such a short story. Lysith is a dinner companion, woken abruptly to serve at a meal for the signing of a treaty of five lands. It's extremely bad luck for a dinner companion to come before the end of the meal. Alen, the Lord of Dearth, is pulling out his best tricks to make that happen so that he doesn have to sign the treaty. Too bad Lysith is very very good at his job"

From "absolutely fascinating universe where formal meals are served with a naked dude as a centerpiece for guests to fondle"

External Reviews[edit]

External Reviews[edit]

    This is fantastic. You're thrown straight into a completely different world of customs and habits, and are left reeling. The author doesn't offer any unnecessary world building details and the satisfaction of piecing together what's going on bit by bit is well worth it. The main character is instantly likeable, and the antagonist (not the correct word to describe the character but close enough) elicits surprising sympathy. The ending feels a little rushed, but by no means takes away from the wonderful details of this universe. I want to read hundreds of stories set here.