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Stuva is a story written by Hiwaru Kibi. It ran in Issue 59 at, and is mirrored at

External Reviews[edit]

  • "about a charming and likable guy putting together a monstrous baby crib, and the charming and likable guy that lives down the way who helps him out. I adored this one and think it just works on a lot of levels. It was funny, sexy, and had a lot of heart. Even though it was short, I got a good idea about who the boys were. And they had crazy chemistry. There was even a lot of backstory for each boy that was hinted at, but not explained too much, and it just worked as is. One of my favorites from this issue; one of the shiny jewels that kept it from being a bust."
  • "A new neighbor moves in, and it turns out he needs a hand with assembling a DIY crib, which the MC is content enough to provide when beer is offered. I think I might say that this was the hottest of the bunch, certainly it was the only one with pretty much any UST at all."