Sparkle or Bust

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Sparkle or Bust is a story written by bupparo. It ran in Issue 26 at, and is mirrored at


From the author: "There's a serial killer running around [UNDISCLOSED], Canada, and the remains are kind of gross and messy, and it's sort of kind of possible that the serial killer may just be a vampire, but really, who gives a shit? Vampires are gay, anyway. No, the issue here is that Scott decided to be an asshole and order Arabic when I just wanted Chinese. If we had just ordered Chinese, then we would never have met the deliveryman, and Scott wouldn't be driving Jonathan and me up the wall with conspiracy theories, and we wouldn't have to break into houses in search of vampires. The point of this story is simple: Fuck you, Scott."

From "The original fic with the three boys who decide to order food from Shawarma Sultan one night; vampires and yummy food and romance."