Songs You Know by Heart

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Songs You Know by Heart is a story written by Dr. Noh. It ran in Issue 15 at, and is mirrored at


From the Slash Pile: "Shouldn’t work at all. The POV character, David, is a jaded, bored man who gets off on rough sex and treats people quite appallingly. The man who breaks into his tired life, Jazz, is a mugger who forces David to blow him after stealing his wallet. Sounds unappealing? You’d be wrong. This is fabulous stuff, with intriguing characterisation and plot, kinky but well-written and not gratuitous sex, and leaves the reader feeling satisfied and with a sense of rightness. A brilliant gem of a story."


David is coming home from a party one night when he gets mugged. Well, more specifically, he gets held up at knife point, since where the hell is he supposed to hide money in his breeches?

David happens to be kind of a slut into rough sex, though, so he offers something else instead. And from there, things can only get worse... right?

Not-really-non-con (my favourite kind), lots of hot HOT sex, music, and snark. What more could you need?

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