Smuggling, and How to Make Interstellar Exploration Work For You

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Smuggling, and How to Make Interstellar Exploration Work For You is a story written by Aosora Hikaru. It ran in Issue 56 at, and is mirrored at


Andrew Barton, formerly a cargo carrier, has given up any pretense of legitimate work. He has found himself smuggling exclusively now with the help of Callum Reid, formerly a prostitute known as Caerwyn. It's been a few months now since that first day in the casino and they have a nice system worked out... until one job threatens to turn everything upside down.

It hadn't really been that long since we'd gotten together, but it felt like forever since that night in the casino where he'd come up to me, all false eyelashes and glitter, introduced himself as Caerwyn, and tried to persuade me to buy his companionship for the evening.

From "A cargo captain and his partner get a smuggling job offer which will lead them to confront past demons, and possibly save a whole star-system from destruction."

From "A smuggler and his boyfriend (a hooker) end up in possession of some tricky cargo. They run afoul of some tough customers and intergalactic councils, and are actually big damn heroes at the end of it all. An adventure tale with the right amount of love and smut."


Smuggling, and How to Make Interstellar Exploration Work For You is a sequel to Dating, and How to Make Apostasy Work For You.

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Author's Notes[edit]

You know how sometimes a story comes out of nowhere and punches you in the face?

Yeah, this was one of those. I was looking over the themes and knew that Iron Eater was writing a sequel to The Golden Rivet, which is a story I enjoyed very much. (This should be unsurprising to... well, anyone who has known me or read more than one thing I've written. I mean, come on, sci-fi! Robot-esque things! D/s themes! Dirty talk!) I was excited at the prospect of more, and my brain started to spin up a possible scenario for a way that I could do something similar. I already had a sci-fi story, which was perfect for this issue's theme, and I had a very tentative plot. So I spent a day or so solidifying the plot, and then somehow managed to churn out 11,000 words in a little over two weeks.

The whole thing with Claudius Blackrake being obsessed with Callum was something that grew more organically -- I didn't initially plan for that to happen. Andrew is still just as possessive as ever.

The title came about because I like to think I'm clever or something, and I just ran with that same horrendously long-titled format I went with for the first story.

I highly doubt I'll ever write another story with these guys. It just won't be fun, with what they're facing, and I also don't really want to run them into the ground or anything.

I am not even the least bit sorry for the influence that my recent rash of Knights of the Old Republic play throughs had on this story. I am a little sorry that Kimyō Tabibito had to put up with my incessant chattering about it, especially Carth. Sorry!