Sky Castles

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Sky Castles is a story written by Shouga Naiko (生姜ないこ). It ran in Issue 10 and can be read on LJ, and is mirrored at


"Kei was weird and he didn't talk to people much and he wasn't afraid of anything. Kei was -- a mess of dark hair, wide dark eyes and a wide red mouth set on a spindle neck and a taut, narrow body full of knuckles and joints. And not entirely human: it was common enough knowledge, as such "knowledge" goes, that his mother was a fairy. Everyone knew, as well, that he'd sucked off this one boy two years older than him in lunch break once. He wasn't much liked, but he was just strong enough and strange enough not to be picked on by anyone with sense."

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This story has been remixed by Usagi Anami as Sky Castles (Shudders remix).