Silver Lilies

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Silver Lilies is the fifth story written by Yuriko Toru. It ran in Issue 68 at

There is a deleted scene, which was posted at

In 25 Words Or Less[edit]

Body paint, UST, and boys in skirts. That is all.

Author's Notes[edit]

The song doesn't rhyme because it's not in English. Twenty points to your Hogwarts house if you figured that out by yourself.

This story is actually based (very very loosely) on an idea I had about seven years ago based on the song "Dancing Bear" by the Mamas and the Papas. Yes, you read that right. It started as fantasy gypsies and Wanderer was female. (This was before I got gay.) There are three distinct abandoned drafts on my laptop at the moment, and one restarted-halfway draft -- excluding the first, hetero draft from when I first wrote it.

I left Wanderer in a skirt because of something my dancer friend once told me about a dance he was choreographing in his head (to "All the Pretty Girls" by Kaleo, which is a great song in case anyone cares). The idea was something along the lines of one or two lead dancers and a bunch of backup boys in flowing skirts and pretty much nothing else, and on the line "they play naked in the water" the boys would all do handstands and the leads would run through the flowing skirts and it would be awesome. The image stuck in my head, and in a previous draft I was playing around with the language not having gendered versions of words like spouse and child and parent, so if I'm playing with gender anyways, the dancers would all wear skirts because they look prettier when you're dancing.

There is a deleted scene!!! It explains why Wanderer's name is Wanderer and not Dancer or something. There was this deadline thing happening, so I couldn't fit it in, and it kind of didn't match the tone of the final draft, but I posted it for anyone who's curious. There was going to be another scene after it where Wanderer came back a year later and was exactly the same but completely different and everything was good, but see previous comment re: this deadline thing.

Jesus fucking christ in a bear-proofed dumpster it is difficult to write long stretches of agonizing repetition. What do I even say.

Extra gargantuan thanks to the editors this time around, as well as my lovely beta, because by the time I finished this bloody thing it was well past the due date, let me just say.

I didn't actually get a chance for a full proofreading, so if there are any typos, feel free to leave me a disappointed comment telling me how terrible I am and how you're never going to read my stories again.