Sensual in Such Non-Conventional Ways

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Sensual in Such Non-Conventional Ways is a story written by Aosora Hikaru and illustrated by Nebulosity Çiélon. It ran in Special Issue 9 and can be found at and mirrored at


Jo is a magician. Cassandra is her lovely assistant. Sparks certainly fly off-stage as well as on it.

"Are you decent, my dear?" Jo called.

"Entirely too decent," Cassandra replied, and opened the door, grasping for Jo's collar with a mischievous grin. "Now get in here. How dare you keep me waiting."


Sensual in Such Non-Conventional Ways is unconnected to other stories and universes.

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Author's Notes[edit]

This was the first story illustrated by Nebulosity Çiélon, a dear friend whom I have known for roughly 14 years. We used to sit on her bedroom floor and draw picture after picture after picture. She may have even read some of my old fanfiction back then, though I'm not entirely sure I was willing to even show some to her, I was so embarrassed by my writing skill! (I don't think I've improved all that much; rather I just give less of a fuck now.)

I decided I needed to keep the momentum going, and wrote another story for this year's special issue.

Once again, the title is a Fall Out Boy lyric: this time, from the somewhat more obscure Homesick at Space Camp. (More obscure than Tastes Like You Only Sweeter's Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, anyway.)