Second Chance

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Second Chance is a story written by Kim Chee and illustrated by vsentyabre. It ran in Issue 32 at, and is mirrored at


From the author: "After going through some rough years, Anthony now has a job and a home, is applying to college, and still has time to volunteer at an inner city school. It's a dream come true, except he still doesn't know how to reveal his feelings to the man he loves."

Author's Notes[edit]

External Reviews[edit]

Anthony is a pretty great character as someone whose intelligence and history you can sense, and whose situation is simultaneously interesting (from an outsider's perspective). Vsentyabre does a good job of making the reader step into his shoes, especially regarding the racial issues brought up, allowing it to drive the story forward. The romance between him and Yale is a rather soothing balm, Yale's awkwardness and Anthony's semi-hero worship butting heads to make their lives difficult. Be sure to check out the S2B2 version for the art--Vsentyabre is a good artist.
  • "Four years ago, Anthony took back control of his life and got his GED. Now he's volunteering at a local school, tutoring kids in English, and trying to deny his feelings for the very shy Yale Landau. There's some ugly racism in this, but it's handled well, and this fic is otherwise fluffy and lovely and just falsdjkflasjdafl;ksjdf."