Scotland Shenanigans

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Scotland Shenanigans is the fourth story written by Yuriko Toru. It ran in Issue 66 at, and is mirrored at

Scotland Shenanigans is a direct sequel to Tent Shenanigans.

In 25 Words Or Less[edit]

100% wholesome smutty best-friend-crush bed-sharing goodness (+20% more smut, at no extra charge!) in Scotland.

Author's Notes[edit]

okay NOTE TO SELF: never name a character Alex ever again, because holy hell it is obnoxious to type up when you've never gotten the hang of the left shift button. Yeah. Hashtag typing problems.

Scotland Shenanigans is a direct sequel to Tent Shenanigans, my first contribution to Shousetsu Bang*Bang. (I actually had so much trouble with character development, like wow, because I wrote TS without actually having much character in mind, so most of the character in that was added in after the editors were like "by the way there isn't that much person here". SS was a matter of what I'm just now dubbing "fanfic character syndrome", wherein because you already know and love the characters, you assume everyone else will, which is bad writing and also discussed in ladysisyphus' great article on the topic. So. Thanks, editors, for kicking my ass again.)

I played around a bit with making Finn left-handed, but since I only mentioned it once, I figured it'd just confuse things, so I took any mention of right-hand-left-hand out so you can just pick a side. Because honestly, how many characters are actually canonically mentioned as being one or the other?

My beta made a comment on this story saying, "I just realized I have no idea what Alex looks like and I kind of love it." Why she loves it, I didn't bother to ask, but I didn't describe Alex intentionally so that he could look like anything, and because it wasn't important to the story. Finn's appearance was, likewise, fairly irrelevant, aside from his general prettiness and the fact that his hair always falls in his face. We don't need to know what colour his hair is, we don't need to know what colour his eyes are, we don't need to know the shape of his nose or his eyebrows or his eyes or his lips. What we need to know is what Alex sees and makes note of, and what Alex sees and makes note of is this: Finn is pretty. They've been friends for long enough that anything else is no longer noteworthy, and that to me is the most important distinction. I write what my character notices, and in this case, that's the fact that Finn is pretty and his hair keeps falling in his eyes. Alex doesn't notice the colour of his own hair (or eyes or skin) either, because it's always there and there's no point in the story where he'd make note of it.

This is an entirely self-indulgent piece of smut so if anyone else likes it that is just a happy coincidence.

As usual, thanks to my beta, Bird, and the editors for being awesome.