Scoring Pass

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Scoring Pass is a story written by Sparklebeard. It ran in Special Issue 13 at


A rookie roller derby player develops her skills, her confidence, and her relationship with the player she's most inspired by. Or: 🎶~all I wanna do / is put my fist into / a giant woman~🎶

Author's Notes[edit]

While I have been a big roller derby fan for several years, I have never actually played it, so do forgive me if I got details wrong here and there. I didn't want to use any player or team names that exist in real life, so all names are either made up or taken from small towns in coastal northern California, where I happened to spend a weekend just before putting the finishing touches on this story. I took a couple players as very vague inspiration for Julianne's body type, but no characters are based on real skaters beyond that!

If you haven't experienced roller derby but it sounds at all interesting, I encourage you to check out your local team! There's roller derby all over, not just in big cities where the most well-known teams hail from, and it is such a joy to watch in person. There are also many games available to watch for free in the archives, but do catch it live if you can!

Fun fact: I did once drunkenly approach & compliment Demanda Riot on my way out of a bar, during Bay Area Derby's amazing 2013 season, and the first scene is partially drawn (and greatly exaggerated) from that experience.