Savior (tfw maybe bf)

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Savior (tfw maybe bf) is a story written by T.F. Grognon. It ran in Issue 60 at, and is mirrored at

External Reviews[edit]

  • "This was the only 2-part story in the bunch. It was…interesting. There was some drug-use, although not by the MC (and it was more referred to afterwards as explanation than explicit during the story). I’m uncomfortable with the events of the story, because I’m always uncomfortable with things like people shacking up with strangers and putting themselves socially on the line for looking like an idiot, but if you put that aside, it’s a very interesting story. It traced the tipping point for one young man’s life; the moment when it goes from being carefully planned to being much more wild, yet what he wants. So it’s sweet with a hopeful ending, yet not without its rough patches."