Room Service

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Room Service is an illustration by DragonReine. It ran in Artist Special 4 at, and is mirrored at

Artist's Notes[edit]

Sometimes it can be intimidating as heck to stare at a blank canvas, devoid of ideas or inspiration, and wondering where to even begin.

Such was the case here, when creating this little sketch.

I had some pretty grandiose plans for my "Four Seasons" entry, when I initially expressed interest as a prospective contributor. It involved fairies, pole-dance + ballet poses, and Art Nouveau elements (the idea was to pay homage to Mucha's "The Seasons" decorative panels). Unfortunately work and health got in the way, and I had to shelf that idea to look at a later, much less hectic date.

When one of the editors approached me and asked if I could create something for this issue, I was still recovering from a lung infection and was just getting back into the momentum of creating artwork, so it was an opportune time for me to "warm up", as it were, with something simple and self indulgent.

I don't usually draw in the anime/manga style much nowadays, despite having roots in that style during my early days as an artist. One reason was that the technique of drawing lineart digitally was extremely taxing on my wrist. The other, more disturbing reason was that I never developed a signature style of my own, and therefore I tend to end up imitating the methods of whatever mangaka was my favorite at the time.

Which is why this boy's face looks a lot like something Honya Lala (of DRAMAtical Murder fame) would draw out.

However, whenever I want to convey ideas quickly, manga-style lineart is still my go-to method. So, on a late Saturday morning, when I was just out of bed with a fresh cup of coffee and a toasty croissant, wondering what exactly I can submit for this issue of S2B2, this cheeky waiter strolled out of my imagination, half-undressed, and rolled over onto my pure white Photoshop canvas, looking at me with taunting eyes and a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

"Would you like a morning quickie?" his expression seemed to ask.

...well. I've never been one to turn down such a fun and indulgent offer, after all.