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Pyrophoric is a story written by shukyou and illustrated by amei. It ran in Issue 8 and can be found at and


A policeman tries to catch a criminal magician and his assistant.

That Saturday night, Kip lay naked on the bed in the room two flights beneath the stage, eyes shut, recalling the week prior that had changed his life. He felt her juices still slick on his loins, his seed drying in his nether regions, and wondered not for the first time since first arriving at the theatre how great calamity and perfect fortune could appear wearing the same black hat, the same gold waistcoat, the same brown eyes.

The story contains m/m/f content, though the m/f part is less explicit.


Pyrophoric is unconnected to other stories or universes.

Author's Notes[edit]

It's equal parts The Illusionist and The Prestige, only gay, and my only excuse is that I plotted it before I saw either one.


This story was written before stories were allowed to be two entries long, to its detriment. Someday I may overhaul it, because it needs it.

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