Programming Magic

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Programming Magic is a story written by newtypeshadow. It ran in Issue 19 at, and is mirrored at


From "Magic and technology don’t always get along, so making video games for elves is a real challenge. Fortunately, one rather sexy elf is willing to…lend a hand."

From "Jericho is President of a gaming company. In the midst of developing a new game that features Elven magic, he is propositioned by an Elven man. Rome will help Jericho make the magic in his game seem realistic if Jericho promises to help recharge Rome's "sexual battery". Very sweet story."

From "Rome is an elf who needs help with his sex magic, and Jericho is a human who has brought gaming to the elves but who still needs help in making the elf magic in games realistic. Rome comes up with an arrangement."

Author's Notes[edit]

External Reviews[edit]

  • "Elves, magic, kickass games, wickedly funny supporting characters and a tragically loveless antagonist all make this a really good read. Oh and there is biting *g*."