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Man Seeking is a story written by shukyou and illustrated by cloven. It ran in Issue 69 at


A young man answers a very unusual personal ad in a gay newspaper.

“He’s a serial killer, you know,” was what Wyatt heard as he approached his friends at the bar.

“Nah,” said Benny, shaking his head so his disdain came through loud and clear over the thudding strains of Joy Division. “He probably doesn’t kill them. Just chains them to a radiator and maybe licks them twice a day.”

John Robert, who had made the initial assessment, frowned over his beer. “This is classic serial killer behavior. You know, the FBI has a division now that–”

“Stop, Mary.” Craig lifted a hand and put it smack in John Robert’s face, smearing thick, cheap eyeliner with his fingertips. “Unless you’re trying to convince us that you’re the psycho who placed the ad.”
S2b2warning.png Content Warning: Consent Issues

The author wishes to note that this story contains some sensitive material regarding dubious amounts of consent in sexual situations.

Author's Notes[edit]

(These author's notes are slightly spoilery, so be warned.)

This is based on a real ad. I heavily modified the language (mostly so that any respectable human searching for the full text one day doesn't find this), but you can read about it here, here, here, and here. Like the actual ads, the story is supposed to take place in 1985-86.

The original vision for the story was to end it in a much more sinister place, but then I got attached to the characters, and dangit, I liked them all. So I went in a different sort of direction. (The original title was 'Personal', which was rejected at the last minute for being too dang boring; many thanks to beeblebabe for the suggestion that finally took.)

If you're up on your Mesoamerican mythology enough to recognize the Tlazolteotl influence on my monster design here, I'm impressed.

Jokes about tying boys to radiators © Relvetica.