Open Top Bus Parade

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Open Top Bus Parade is a story written by M. hoppipolla. It originally ran in Issue 55 at, and is mirrored at


From "A guy identifies his childhood football (soccer?) idol working at a cafe. They go on a date, and things progress, but not without a wrench or two."

Author's Notes[edit]

Okay so, this story is based on some fiction and some non-fiction. There's a lot of real life speculation about footballers (soccer players) and their sexuality. It seems like a new name pops up every so often and then there is a bunch of news stories about it. So this partially based on the idea about what would happen if one of those footballers would come out later in life, especially in countries where sport and sexuality just don't mix.

So it's based on no one in particular but just a random collection of various rumors and my own idea of what would happen in a situation like this.

A huge, HUGE thank you to the SSBB editor's as well as my own beta, Iron Eater who so graciously stepped in at the various last minute. Without them I definitely would not have gotten this story into as good as shape as it is.

External Reviews[edit]

  • "a story about Ricardo who meets his childhood football/soccer idol, Vitor, a total silverfox. Vitor no longer plays the game and owns a coffee shop. The two men start flirting and romance and conflict ensues. Vitor has an interesting back story and it does make you wonder about what becomes of these legendary athletes who retire young. Perhaps, one day, Lionel Messi will quit the game, open a cafe and sell coffee? Who knows?!!??! But this is solid S2B2 fair: boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy gets boy back."