Nostalgia Night

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Nostalgia Night is a story written by Phun Saa. It originally ran in Issue 48 at, and is mirrored at


From "This one was about a pirate radio guy and the officer who keeps trying to catch him. But on Venus."

"At 23:59 on the dot he popped a pill to counteract the helium in the air and keep his voice low and rough, turned on his mic, and got started. "Check, check... checking, five-six... This is Pirate Radio Venus. This is Pirate Radio Venus, and I'm your host, Baron Barium, saying goodnight to all you bad boys and girls out there. You're all up past your bedtimes and tomorrow's not getting any further away, so let's get started, shall we?" He reached out onto thin air, fingers dancing over a projected light workstation of buttons, knobs, and sliders, and launched into the first song with a quick staccato of drums."

Author's Notes[edit]

Q: Would you really write thinly-veiled slashfic of a fifteen-year-old remix soundtrack of an anime, would you really?

A: Bitch, I might.

Other things to note: Barium's cited friend does Aphex Twin a bit of an injustice. The equation in question may have significance if you look at it with a little imagination. And the song really does have a (horrifying) fun little bonus if you run it through a spectrogram.

Finally, well, apologies to anyone who knows the fields better than I (so more or less everyone) for my fumbling guesses at the future of tech, techno, and gay phone sex. Thank you for your patience, lord am I new at this.