No One Said It Would Be Easy

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No One Said It Would Be Easy is a story written by Kikuchi Makoto. It ran in Issue 26 at, and is mirrored at


From "Shou's scavenging for dog food in one of the apartments when he encounters Endou, a boy his age with far more firepower - handguns and sniper rifles - than Shou, who's only armed with a tire iron. Despite Shou's tendency to let his mouth run away with his brain, Endou seems to tolerate him, so it only makes sense that they team up against the zombies, right? Right?"

From "Zombie!fic. Shou is scavenging for dog food to feed Marco, the puppy he found in the aftermath of the zombie attacks. Endou is scavenging the same apartment, and after ascertaining they're human and non-threat statuses to each other, Shou suggests they band together. Endou just happens to be kickass with a gun and have a shit load of weapons, whilst Shou is handy with a tire iron."

External Reviews[edit]

This story has: zombies, action, gayness, high-school boys, cuteness, and a awesomeness. It's s2b2 which means that it's very well written. As you can tell, I can't really write summaries or reviews, but if you have a zombie kink (like i do), you should definitely check this out.
  • "School boys and ZOMBIES \O/ Awesome and cute"
  • "Nakano Shou runs into Endou whilst looking for food during the Zombie apocalypse in Japan. I love the way they survive, the others they run into and the way it's a quietly hopeful story."