Meeting the New Princess

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Meeting the New Princess is a standalone image by Iron Eater. It ran in Yes, And 5 at


This image was created entirely in Clip Studio Paint EX (AKA Manga Studio 5 EX), using binary imitation G-Nib brushes, flat coloring, and a custom gradient affectionately dubbed "Lisa Frank."

Artist's Notes[edit]

I had spent most of the week leading up to the issue working on the illustrations for Houndstooth's Totally Stoned, which I think came out just fantastic, but this left me on deadline day without much of an idea for what to draw as a pinup. I called out for suggestions over social media and was informed that at the time of that writing, there weren't as many submissions with bisexuality or fairy tale themes as had been expected.

I could work with that.

The number of figures in this piece slowly expanded from three to four to five, though this managed not to add too much time to my process; my timestamps say this didn't take me more than five hours, and there was a break to go get some fast food for dinner in the middle of that. Pretty reasonable! I've been practicing making flat-colored digital illustrations lately which I think did wonders for making sure everything got done on time here. I did need to spend time making sure the line weights were consistent (i.e. not overly thin or overly thick) across different elements without completely dumping the width variations. If I'm not trying to do rendered coloring, this is easily the #1 time sink for my digital pieces.

As it contains a shy monster with big teeth, naked people of varying genders and ethnicities, and everyone just chilling out and being happy, this is quite possibly one of the most on-brand drawings I've ever submitted to the zine.