Maintenance Window

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Maintenance Window is a standalone illustration by Iron Eater. It ran in Issue 71 at


This image was sketched, inked, and toned with Clip Studio Paint EX, with the heavy lifting for final linework being done at 300dpi or so using the Frenden "Ensabler" inking brush set to binary mode.

Artist's Notes[edit]

I went through a few different ideas for this one (including a chaster one I suspect may end up being Sadie Hawkins illustration material if I still think it's strong enough), and once again I ended up just sitting down at my tablet and doodling until interesting characters fell out. The droopy-eyed fellow with the cable plugs came first, and his companion -- who isn't intended to be Future Guy Fieri, although multiple people and myself have noticed the similarity -- was designed to be a suitably interesting contrast. It all started with Left Guy's flip-top head and evolved from there.

Driver updates always seem to happen at the worst possible time, so I figured that paired with some clearly underdressed subjects would tell enough of a story to carry the piece. At least they look like they're used to it.

I debated giving the man on the right tiger stripes on his undies; at reproduction size it'd risk not looking like much of anything, so instead he's just got some fancy briefs preserving his stool top from his nethers. His detached arm was partially for the sake of me drawing a torso I was happy with and then having to figure out where to put the rest of the limbs, though the more I worked on it the more natural it felt. I'm particularly happy with how his draped cables turned out.

While I couldn't tell you either character's names, Left Guy's cybernetics are mods on top of reconstructive surgery due to a car accident, hence his scar tissue. Right Guy has more of a general-purpose service model and had more of a say in whether or not he wanted a prosthetic.