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Local Flavor is a rural fantasy story written and illustrated by Ptarmigan. It ran in Issue 76 at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/local-flavor/ and takes place in the same setting as Rust Lake from 2017's December issue, but reading it is not required to enjoy this story as it is intended to be a standalone work with a mostly new cast of characters.

The story's main characters are elves.

Story summary[edit]

Cicada, the town snowmobile, gets an unexpected visitor from out of town and decides to take him out to some of Rust Lake's many fine dining venues.

Author's notes[edit]

I'm so happy I finally got to use the phrase "whipping shitties" in a story, but also that I finally got to write a story that's actually about Cicada this time where he doesn't spend half the story in jail and gets to be on his best behavior for his guest.

It also took me this long to figure out a name for the region these extremely north/midwestern elves inhabit; "Minnelaskwa" is a portmanteau of Minnesota, Alaska, and Washington, the three states that majorly influenced this weird little setting in some way or another. The area they go camping at later on is heavily based on the ghost town of Bordeaux, a beautiful abandoned logging town in the Capitol State Forest in Washington state.