Lights, Action

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Lights, Action is a story written by Oneira. It ran in Issue 21 at, and is mirrored at


From the author: "In which Martin's a set ninja and Tim is impressively zen about the whole thing."

From "Tim's working on the set of 'High Seas' when he meets Martin, a stuntman who takes a liking to him and his lack of reaction to Martin's 'ninja attacks'."

From "A fairly smouldering behind-the-scenes romance between a stuntman and lighting tech, with a twist at the end."

From "Tim is a new lighting technician for a tv show, and Martin is the semi-insane stuntman who loves sneaking up and ninjaing people...turns out Tim isn't easily flustered."

External Reviews[edit]

  • "prank wars, jujitsu, glorified hide and seek, glorified tag, television show lighting tech, attempted robbery"