Knife Edge

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Knife Edge is a story written by Matsuoka Haruka (in memoriam) and Kimyō Tabibito and illustrated by beili. It ran in Special Issue 10 at, and is mirrored at


Elena stages her own fantasy kidnapping, things go delightfully awry.

Author Notes[edit]

Last year my dear friend, partner in crime, and co-writer, Matsuoka Haruka, passed away very suddenly; she was a constant in my life for ten years and was more than a friend, she was a sister. If there was anything that she did, it was constantly push me to write, to finish something. She believed in me when I didn’t do so in myself.

After she was gone, my therapist suggested I try and making meaning in my grief, and so I turned to writing. I hadn’t finished a short story in years and I sat myself down and said, “Etienne, you are going to do this, you are going to do this for Steph.” So, I sat down and out came You said Yes as I said Please. One thing leads to another and suddenly I had six stories posted in S2B2, the first three were specifically written for her, as a part of my grieving process.

I knew as soon as I realized that this was going to be a regular “thing” for me, that I had to revise this story sitting abandoned for five years in my Google Drive. Steph and I had written it, and then I had gotten cold feet about posting it anywhere.

It was not an easy process; I was scared of losing Steph’s words, worried that she would have hated the direction I took the piece. Editing was even more difficult, as I whittled down more of her work. About 1/3 of her contribution still remains, and Elena was “her” character.

In the end, though, I’m very proud of what I produced and I think she would be as well. Thank you for taking the time to read and for being there throughout my writing/grieving journey here on S2B2.

Special Thanks[edit]

To Aosora Hikaru, my beta S, Kez, W2, and the folks on my Twitter for being so supportive during this process. You are all perfect cinnamon rolls, too good for this world.