Justice Comes to Shit Mesa

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Justice Comes to Shit Mesa is a story written by Roumonte Emi and illustrated by dumplingyum. It ran in Issue 29 at http://s2b2.livejournal.com/164845.html, and is mirrored at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/justice-comes-to-shit-mesa/.


From http://strangepornfic.dreamwidth.org/2043.html: "Steve Bucknell is looking to catch a criminal, and anything short of death hasn't stopped him. But mechanica has it's tolls, and humanity is looking to be something he'll give up on the way."

Author's Notes[edit]

From http://mchandler.org/ssbb/shitmesa.html:

I finally wrote passable Robert E. Howard pastiche, and it's this? Wow.

Warnings: dated attitudes and mannerisms as befits the setting, violence, language, mild grue, fetishism, eventual porn

Originally I hadn't planned to write anything for the steampunk issue, because the standard steampunk setting doesn't interest me. Once I realized that I could apply the tropes in a more liberal manner—once I realized that I could divorce the trappings from the classic setting and basically be a shallow poseur on par with the scruffy dude who glues gears to his top hat and wears green glasses—the story burst into my head fully formed and refused to leave.

I've made attempts in the past to write Howard pastiche, but it always veered off into Lovecraft pastiche (or worse, Sax Rohmer, oogl) and never found its way back. I certainly wasn't expecting to make a go out of pastiching his Western stories, though. (He wrote some great stories about boxing, too, and those are just about the only stories that I am less likely to work with.) On the whole I am certain that he is spinning in his grave. I'd feel bad about that, except that I don't.

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