Issue 62

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cover by Neomeruru.

Shousetsu Bang*Bang issue 62 was released on August 22, 2016. The theme is Hail to the Chief.

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The issue has a new cover and contains one new illustration; the rest of the stories have appeared in previous issues.

Special Editorial Note[edit]

While the issue's patter text is absolutely true, here's what happened with this issue in plainer English: For the first time in SSBB history, we received zero story submissions.

If we'd had a couple (or even just one), we might have put the issue off a week, tried to see if anyone was interested in pinch-hitting, and rounded up at least enough for a bare-bones issue. But when we were still at Inbox Zero on Wednesday morning, we realized that it just wasn't going to happen. While issues have been dwindling in size for some time now, we've never had nothing to run with after the text deadline.

When we decided on the theme last year, we were anticipating a fairly normal U.S. presidential campaign trail. Slash fandom has had a great deal of fun with election cycles in the past, mostly with tongues very firmly buried in cheeks, play-slashing hyper-fictionalized versions of real people in completely unreal circumstances. Some of those impulses have led to some great past SSBB stories (see below). So we assigned this theme to August thinking it would coincide with political business as usual.

Instead, what we got was an exhausting shitshow. This election has been grueling. There has been minimal joy at any moment. The effort it would take to make it fun isn't an amount of effort it deserves.

So we're choosing to interpret this as a fluke, a terrible confluence of a fun idea and the horror of reality. However, because we did have a gorgeous cover and a delightful standalone illustration at the ready, we decided not to pull the issue entirely, but to populate it with political-themed stories from previous issues. All of them are somehow fanciful: futuristic technology, fantasy kingdoms, magical histories. Some of them are among the most popular SSBB stories ever (and one of them is the top-voted story on our website). They're all a great read, and they're all our way of saying we're sorry for trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Thanks as always for reading, and we'll see you next time.


The cover artist was Neomeruru. The issue contains the following stories:

The issue also contains the following standalone art: