Issue 25

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Cover for Shousetsu Bang Bang Issue 25, by mbp12

Shousetsu Bang*Bang issue 25 was released on July 1, 2010. The theme was 25 Rooms.

It was originally posted at and is mirrored at

Signups for this issue were posted at, and gave the following list of prompts as suggestions, not requirements:

  1. The attic of a Victorian house, reachable by skylight.
  2. A traditional Japanese room enclosed by moving rice-paper screens.
  3. A hut built on a raised platform.
  4. An artist's studio-loft.
  5. The bedroom of a modular housing unit.
  6. A tree house.
  7. The soft sleeper railway class.
  8. A jewel-like library, redolent of old books and dust.
  9. Another mobile HQ: the sleeping compartment of a long-haul truck.
  10. An enclosed veranda or peristyle.
  11. A boarding house that rents by the hour.
  12. A private jet: curved, creamy surfaces, a leather-enclosed cocoon.
  13. Subterranean baths, built within caves hollowed out by hot springs that plume beneath the surface of the sea.
  14. The floor of a tent layered with furs. Smoke escapes overhead to the cold stars.
  15. A motel room along the interstellar highway.
  16. A cage.
  17. A summer sublet in the student ghetto.
  18. Deep within a palace: dappled shade of fretwork trellises, wide marble steps down to a bubbling fountain inset with gold and lapis lazuli.
  19. The bedroom is a glass-walled bubble in the center of a rooftop garden.
  20. The most outrageous honeymoon suite bad taste can buy.
  21. The servants' quarters.
  22. The light descends a long shaft; there is a flap in the door.
  23. A virtual room.
  24. A modern art installation that deconstructs the idea of the bedroom.
  25. A room that in memory serves in stead of home.

This was the last issue edited by petronia.


The cover artist was mbp12. The issue contains the following stories:

The issue also contains the following standalone art: