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Iron Eater is an author and illustrator who occasionally contributes art for other people's stories. Her works tend towards genre pieces, especially fantasy, though the staff has had reasonable success with nudging her out of her comfort zone. She also wrote the S2B2 for Beginners article.

Her Tumblr can be found at and contains far too much weird porn to be excused as "just a thought exercise."


Iron Eater has written the following stories:

Iron Eater has contributed art to the following stories:

Iron Eater has drawn the following standalone illustrations:

Iron Eater has drawn the following comics:

Finally, Iron Eater contributed cover elements to the following issues:

Supplemental Materials[edit]

Iron Eater has too much free time which is why she's made extended articles on topics related to her work.

This includes a page indexing her orc-related stories:

And the following character pages: