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Invocateur is a standalone image by Iron Eater. It ran in Issue 74 at


This piece was digitally created in Clip Studio Paint EX (AKA Manga Studio 5 EX). Some of the posters involved a gratuitous amount of tracing from their original source images, as well.

Artist's Notes[edit]

When the theme for this issue went up, my mind immediately went to peak-deviantArt "one devil wing, one angel wing," and I just sort of extrapolated from there. An awkward goth kid seemed like the best possible person to actually summon up such an entity (to say nothing of being the sort of person to appreciate a boyfriend of such ridiculous taxonomy). Leather pants with too many zips were mandatory.

I'm sure they're very happy together, however long that lasts!

While much of the background imagery was just random nonsense to fill space and further the goth-kid-basement vibes, I do include shout-outs to my friends' comics: Crossed Wires by Iris Jay and Golden Trick! by Iris and her husband, Nero O'Reilly. The latter runs on Slipshine, a pay site, and is waaay NSFW, but if you're reading an S2B2 wiki page you're probably not going to see anything you wouldn't expect (maybe don't click that link on the bus, though). Other decorations include a poster for The Abominable Dr. Phibes, a Sisters of Mercy promotional image (possibly cut out from a larger poster or shirt), and some vintage Halloween decorations including two cats driving a whimsical car. I was originally going to include Saturn Devouring His Son somewhere in the mix but it kind of killed the mood.

Under the bed we can spy a dice bag, a crappy mall-bought katana, a Vampire: the Masquerade rulebook, and way too much dirty laundry. I was going to draw more junk on the floor (a plastic skull goblet! a plush bat! some knockoff Doc Martens or something!) but I only had so much time and energy; at the time of this drawing I was busy inking a 24-page comic for Artist Special 8, which took the lion's share.

I ink with a pencil tool on binary monochrome layers because I'm a rebel, baby.