International Dissertation Avoidance Day

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International Dissertation Avoidance Day is a story written by Kimyō Tabibito. It originally ran in Yes, And 3 at, and is mirrored at It is apart of the SEQ universe.



The return of Harper and Loren (first appearing in God(dess) Bless you, Ruby Woo, with a cameo in Quantification). A year after God(dess) Bess you, Ruby Woo, Harper and Loren have moved in with one another. Loren is neck deep in dissertation mire and Harper decides Yes. Help.

Authors Notes[edit]

PWP, Lemon? I didn't even try to turn this into anything but pure and unadulterated porn.

Blame Himawari for this story, I wrote it for them! When I ran out of time to submit something I'm like WAIT, WHAT IF I USED THIS STORY ABOUT HARPER FISTING LORE? And I did, and it was excellent.

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