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Instinct is a story written by shukyou. It ran in Issue 81 at


A man attempts an experiment to save his friend and winds up waking something in both of them.

Graham kept one eye on the watch in his hand and the other on the cage. The nautical charts were pinned to the wall behind him, but by this point, he could have recited them by heart. His breath was so shallow it barely moved his chest as he watched the second hand dance its jerky round in a five-step pattern, four ticks and then a number. This was the last step, the one that would prove them fools or gods, but nothing in-between.

Author's Notes[edit]

Is there such a thing as dubdubcon? As in, the consent should probably be labeled as 'dubious,' except said dubiousness is what's actually dubious here? Anyway, trust me, everyone's having a great time.

This is a very un-scary story, so if you're tender-hearted, have no fear!