Ingmar Bergman Is Dead

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Ingmar Bergman Is Dead is a story written by Nijiiro Sumi and Tougyo. It ran in Issue 12 at, and is mirrored at


From "this is like a twisted crazy mind boggling story. orta reminds me of the save me video by nickelback, where the guy almost dies and can see how people die/can read their minds now. Then he meets Mason, who helps him cross the street."

From "a mentally deranged boy accidentally prevents another person's suicide. well, maybe mentally deranged -- maybe a ghost, a mind reader, an oracle, who knows? the story is told from his perspective, which makes for this fascinating beautiful deconstructed stream-of-consciousness ... thing, i don't even know, but it's genius. so, so, so good."

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This story has been remixed by Torino Koji as Ingmar Bergman (The Thinking Hat remix).