In the Name of Love

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In the Name of Love is a story written by A.S. Mara and illustrated by beili. It ran in Issue 69 at


A necromancer gets approached for work during his week off, but decides to help out anyway. Includes skeletons, rooftop pyres, and tracking down a much beloved spirit.

Author's Notes[edit]

sirap: a delicious, refreshing, often too-sweet drink consisting almost entirely of water, sugar, and pandan leaves (although said leaves are of course, taken out before serving). Traditionally served at open houses and after-wedding festivities. Variations served with either squeezed lime mixed into it, whole lychee fruits, or with condensed milk.

kedondong asam boi: main ingredients include kedondong (a fruit), asam boi (sour plum, I think), generous amounts of lime, sugar and water. You either hate it or love it.

serai wangi: supposedly the source of citronella oil, clarification needed. The mixture referred to in the story is traditionally made using the plant's leaves, palm oil, garlic, and black pepper. Often use to keep houses insect-free. Works great for ants. Has the added bonus of smelling terrific.

Many thanks to the editors for their patience. Just as many thanks to beili for doing terrific work with the illustrations, especially given how last minute the request was.