In Your Wake

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In Your Wake is a modern fantasy story written by Indi Latrani. It ran in Issue 51 at, and is mirrored at


Dylan's not particularly happy with his habit of lightning-quick flings, but he thinks he has a good reason why he has to stick to it. Can he work out a way to find a more meaningful connection, in spite of the unique obstacle in his way?

From "Another selkie who does one-night stands, but this one far less content with his lot in life (at least according to his friends), and how he finds his own way out of that situation."


This story isn't connected to anything else yet, though the author is quite likely to write more in this world.

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This story has no related links.

Author's Notes[edit]

The hoodie comment at the end is an oblique reference to this (spoiler!), though no other connections between the two stories should be assumed.

Spoiler: This story came from the author's long-standing desire to write a selkie story that ends hopefully, rather than tragically