In The Twilight Of The Day

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In the Twilight of the Day is a story written by Rosei Aki. It ran in Issue 22 and can be found at and


Will of Enna never meant to break the laws of the Necropolis, and he couldn't have imagined the consequences. But he soon begins to realise that neither the city nor its keeper are as grim as they seem - and that summer may come even to the world of the dead.

(Retelling of Hades and Persephone)

From "Lord William is forced to visit the Necropolis, to take season's tidings with his mother, Lady Emily, to the Warden who lives there. The distant cousin Tristan. Before entrance Will is warned to eat and drink nothing that the Warden himself does not give him. Oh, but those grapes look so delicious..."

From "Will eats a berry from the Necropolis & can hear the voices of the dead. He can no longer survive outside the Keep & the Necropolis. Luckily he falls in love with the Warden, Travis."


In the Twilight of the Day has no connections to other stories or universes.

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Also available on Archive of Our Own under the pseud Atalan.

Author's Notes[edit]

I like retellings of this myth that focus on an active choice by Persephone after the initial unwilling arrival in the underworld, so that's what I went with here. One of my favourite bits about writing this was putting in all the little references to the myth, like the three hounds' heads on the gate, and the rivers (Styx/Acheron and Lethe).

External Reviews[edit]

  • "A lovely sort of twist on one f my favourite myths (The Hades and Persephone story) in which Will goes to visit a distant cousin (Warden of the Necropolis/Herald of the Dead) in Necropolis, with his mother and while there breaks one of he three laws (eating the food found within) which shines a different light on the city and its keeper."