In The House Of The Demon Prince

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In The House Of The Demon Prince is a story written by Yamanashi Moe. It ran in Issue 12 at, and is mirrored at


From the author: "The only one of these that is kind of scary. Warning for body horror and um dubcon sex with a giant spider."

From "it’s about the last demon prince of a dying dynasty, and his three courtiers: Blue Snake Woman, Bad Luck, and Paul Wackowski. m/m but the contractual sex scene involves a giant spider"

External Reviews[edit]

  • "This almost lost me at the very first piece of dialog what with the punctuation and all. But no, oh, this is so ridiculous. But also good. Although, uh. there is a sex scene featuring a giant demonic spider."
  • "short, sweet and kind of tragic. The titular Demon Prince has got 99 problems, and that's no lie. I remember this one very much because it was one of the first S2B2 stories I read where the people you THOUGHT would bang did not, in fact, bang. It left this kind of WRITE MORE OF THIS NOW feeling in me that has never faded. I really always wanted to know what happened next."