In His Eyes

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In His Eyes is a story written and illustrated by Shuua. It ran in Issue 10 at, and is mirrored at


From "ellis is the older elegant magazine editor finn is the younger independent student/bartender."

From "May-December romance between temporarily down-on-his-luck editor Ellis and always-busy bartender/student Finn."

Author's Notes[edit]

In both Japanese and Korean, there's a phrase for when a person leaves the house that you're supposed to call out to the rest of the family. It literally translates to: "I'm going and coming back." (Ittekimasu in Japanese and Danyeo ogaeseumnida in Korean.) It's too bad there's no English equivalent, because that's basically what I wanted to Finn to say at the end. Oh well. I think we all get it, they live together now, yay :D *shot*

The sketch ("photograph" pfft yeah, right) is by me, done at around 3 AM, which is also around the time I finished writing this, so apologies for the overall shoddiness u_u;

♥ Shuua