Identifier, Bolt-hand

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Identifier, Bolt-hand is a story written by docktonroad. It originally ran in Issue 48 at, and is mirrored at


From "A guy finds an android wounded, gets him some help, and then has to deal with the emotional and moral fall-out."

An uncertain noise startles Leo out of his contemplation of the graffiti on the troll's wrist. A voice, sort of--half breath and half pained-sounding low moan.

Or not pained. Leo's shoulders tighten up again as he wonders whether to investigate and risk walking in on people fucking behind the troll's head. But who the hell has sex on the dusty Fremont Troll at eight o'clock in the morning? It sounds totally unappealing to him--though more for the risk of dust in all his crevasses than the hour or the location.