How to Get Into the Krixin Resort

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How to Get Into the Krixin Resort is a story written by juou no zan. It ran in Issue 75 at .

Author's Notes[edit]

Fun fact: eight months is not a number plucked out of thin air, it's how long it took my wife and I to admit we were dating! So I'm pretty confident that you can live with someone, and be in love with them, for up to eight months without realizing/admitting it.

Anyway here's my tip to creating a recognizable but definitely original sci-fi verse: mash Star Trek and Mass Effect together until satisfied. Fix or don't fix the completely broken aspects of the worldbuilding as you see fit.

Relatedly: how could you say I just ripped off an alien species from one of those properties and changed its name how could you

I know a hell of a lot more about Devere and Rirdan's adventures in interspecies sex, but I kind of ran out of like...story. I mean I'm all for porn for porn's sake, but it felt extraneous to include. Maybe I'll write some PWPs with them in the future, idk.

Finally, you may say to yourself, juou no zan, that heist went so smoothly, and you didn't even talk about people questioning their cover story. Did they even need to have sex? Well. No. Of course they didn't! They're idiots! In fact, the working title for this story was "idiot alien conmen", which was the short version of "idiot alien conmen convince themselves they need to have sex for a con".