Her Lover's Salt

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Her Lover's Salt is a story written by Himawari. It originally ran in Issue 79 at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/her-lovers-salt/.


I can't stop thinking, lately, of your long legs, so brown and so pretty against my own gray-green skin, and how it feels to wake up and run my hands up them in the morning.

Long-distance lovers write explicit letters to each other as they wait for their separation to come to an end.


No connections to other stories or settings.

Author's Notes[edit]

I used to absolutely hate, and now only tolerate, the word "lover." I hear it in my head with this mix of saccharine, melodramatic, and slightly exhibitionist connotations that I just don't like. I think I associate it with the Mercedes Lackey books my first college boyfriend got me reading. It's still not a word I use for real people's personal lives, but this phrase came to me as I was editing, and it seemed right for this pair, and so here we are.

I started writing this on a rainy day. I was in a coffee shop with a sweetie who was in town for a long visit. All of the people I'm involved with live at least two time zones away, so while one of my sweeties was actually in the room, my mind was on all of the ways we conduct relationships via text and voice, over distance. The writing tank was feeling very empty, but I really wanted to get some words on paper during that afternoon in a cafe, and I really wanted to get back into a habit of contributing to S2B2. Since text-based relationship communication was very on my mind, I took a swing at an explicit letter. I finished it and wrote a second explicit letter that weekend, while cooling off in a public library.

Maybe I decided these characters would be academics separated by distance and funding because we'd been having a lot of conversations about how distance sucks, and about how academia's expectations that you'll move around are hell. I probably found epistolary work to be easy to write when tired because I spent my middle school and high school years writing long letters by hand to a number of different pen pals, even my own classmates, because we lived in a very rural place and it cost long distance charges to call my classmates over the summer. Why space, and why an interspecies couple? Because those are my jams, and have been since I was a little kid reading Vonda McIntyre. Why a clasper fold? Because genital geometric morphometrics studies of marine vertebrates are so cool.