Her Lamp Does Not Go Out at Night

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Her Lamp Does Not Go Out at Night ran in Special Issue 6 and was submitted by Koiwa Shishiko. It's published at s2b2.livejournal.com/169808.html and mirrored at shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/her-lamp-does-not-go-out-at-night.


The new wife of a king finds her attention increasingly drawn to a certain member of his harem.

A woman walked between the trees, dark-skinned and wrapped in airy blue cloth. It was a little hard to judge from this angle, but she looked extraordinarily tall — as tall as a man — with long arms and strong legs. Her hair was cut slave-short, but both her wrists and ankles were looped with gold. Her anklets had bells on them. Hannah could just make out a sparkle of their ring as the woman walked past them and ventured into where the man-made forest grew thicker.


Her Lamp Does Not Go Out at Night precedes The Revelation of Orev and features many of the same characters.

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